The Small Project

The Small Project is a baby clothes library in south London.

We pass on clothes and other items to local families.

A bundle of clothes spilling from a bag with a cuddly mouse looking out over the edge.

The Small Project and Oasis Waterloo

We are excited to announce that the Small Project officially becoming part of Oasis Hub Waterloo! After growing from Linda’s bedroom cupboard, the project has expanded and will begin to form part of the services offered by the Oasis Hub, alongside a variety of support work, the Waterloo Foodbank and Advice Services, as well as broad community and family programmes.

We believe this is a great step for the future, and to see the Small Project grow and develop, with an aim to support a local sharing economy, promote sustainability and affordability for local families, facilitate a space for families to network and support one another, and a helpful provision for families experiencing challenge.

The Small Project was founded by Linda in 2014 with the support of many dedicated volunteers, including committee members Jane & Andie, and it has become a lifeline for many families in our community. It has been hosted at the Oasis Playspace for a number of years, alongside stay & play groups and family activities, and Oasis are delighted to be able to more formally support the future of this project.

A massive thank you to the existing team for their vision, passion and commitment.

Watch this space for any more updates on the project, and for any questions, email us at [email protected]

News & views

4 in 10 London children live in poverty

The UK is one of the richest countries in the world, yet there are 3.6 million children growing up in severe and persistent poverty. The situation is even worse in London, where 4 in 10 children live in poverty.

Oasis Waterloo

The Small Project is generously assisted by Oasis Waterloo who provide us with space to store our donations and support to run the project. Check out what they do.

Other baby banks

The Small Project is one of a growing number of 'baby banks' around the UK which collect and redistribute baby and children's items to families who need them. If you're not in south London you might want to find out about other baby banks here using this great map created by Stripey Stork.
Stripey Stork